Moray and Salt Mines of Maras Tour


Tour Location: Maras Moray and Chinchero are part of this half day Sacred Valley tour Tour Type: Half Day Tour Start Time/End Time:  From 8:30am to 2:00pm Consideration: Please remember comfortable shoes and water Highlights: Maras salt mines and Moray farming laboratory Price: US $20 per person 

Duration: 1/2 Day Tour
Difficulty: Easy
Moray & Salt Mines of Maras
Tour Frequency: Daily

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Day 1 - Moray and Salt Mines of Maras Tour

08:00 am Pick up from the Hotel or indicated meeting point.

08:30 am. We will leave from Cusco to Moray

09:15 am We will stop in Chinchero to visit local stores.

10:30 am We will arrive in Moray and we will have the Guided visit.

11:15 am We will continue towards the Salinas de Maras.

11:45 am We will visit the Salineras.

12:45 pm Return to the city of Cusco

14:45 pm Arrival in the city of Cusco.

Leaving from Cusco to Moray and Salt Mines of Maras
  • We will pick you up from your hotel around 8:00 8:30.a.m and head to the farming laboratory in Moray. This beautiful drive is about one hour and 20 minutes. On your drive, you will see the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, lush yellow fields of wheat, and some villages. Finally, you will arrive at the fascinating display of terraces in Moray. Moray boasts three amphitheater-like terraces, made by the Incas. These terraces, which are carved deep into the earth, in the shape of a bowl, were thought to be used to determine the optimal conditions for growing crops
Visiting Salt Mines and Chinchero
  • When you are done exploring Moray, you will head about two miles away, to the salt mines of Maras. This village is known as a former salt-producing center and is thought to date back all the way to pre-Incan times. There are over 3,000 salt pools carved into the mountain side, that are filled daily by a stream of water. This spectacular area is perfect for you if you wish to see something different than the ruins.

    Chinchero is a small Andean, Indian village located at 3,762 meters high, on the windswept plains of Anta, about 30 km from Cusco. There are beautiful views overlooking the Sacred Valley of the Incas, with the Cordillera Vilcabamba and the snow-capped peak of Salkantay dominating the western horizon. Chinchero is believed to be the mythical birthplace of the rainbow. Its major claim to tourism is its colorful Sunday market, which is much less tourist-orientated than the market at Pisac. This market is held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday but if your trip isn’t on one of these days, they have a smaller textile center open daily. There, you can watch a demonstration on how to make beautiful, natural sweaters from Alpaca wool. Finally, you will get to visit the famous catholic roman church, which was build over the Inca palace.

    Once you are done with the visit, you will head back to the city in time to enjoy some lunch on your own.

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What is included?


  • Professional tour guide who is fluent in English and spanish
  • Pick-up from your hotel
  •  Tourist Transportation

Does not include

  • Lunch 
  • Partial Tourist ticket (Boleto Turistico)  70 soles por person
  • Entrance fee for the salt mines of Maras (10 soles per person )
  • Tips
  • Protective gear
Luggage storage Cusco

What to bring

  • Original Passport
  • Day Pack                      
  • Full rain gear or poncho
  • Sunglasses             
  • Sunscreen
  • Cold-weather jacket
  • Long-sleeve fleece/sweater Wool hat
  • Hiking boots
  • Refillable water bottle (hydration bags are recommended) 
  • Partical Tourist ticket (Boleto Turistico) S / 70 soles por person
  • 1/2 Day Maras Moray tour can be booked online or in our office near Plaza des Armas
  • Tours can be cancelled with a minimum 48 hours notice should you book online. 
  • Your tour can be rescheduled given us 48 hours notice or fully refunded

1/2Day Moray and Salt Mines of Maras Tour

1/2 Day Maras Moray Tour by Bus

$ 20
  • Budget friendly and all year round

Sacred Valley, Maras Moray by Motorcycle

$ 45
  • Prices includes 1 Day rental of motorcycle for 2 people, 2 helmets and gloves

Facts of Moray and Salt Mines of Maras Tour

1. In Moray, you will find a circular depression of concentric steps, similar to the greek amphitheaters. These circular steps are connected with six more elliptical steps.

2. The purpose behind creating these circular steps are uncertain. The widely agreed view is that the Inca’s used these circular depressions for agricultural research. Each step is oriented with the sun and wind in a way creating a huge difference in temperature between each level. It is believed that the Incas studied the effect of climatic conditions on crops here.

3. One of the most striking features of these circular steps is the difference in temperature. The difference in temperature between the topmost and the innermost stair can go up to 15 °C.

4. The drainage system of this place is also interesting. The lowest level of the steps never gets flooded even during the heaviest rainfall. It is argued that this step is made of porous rock, that allows effective drainage of water.

5. Salineras de Maras is popular for its pond of salts. The people collect salt in the small ponds by evaporating the salt water emerging from the underwater stream. The water emerges from a stream which is then directed to a network of channels distributing them over the ponds. These ponds are 12 feet wide and 30 centimeters in depth. The flow of water is closely monitored by the workers. They collect the salt crystals as it accumulates on the surface.

6. These ponds of salt can be accessed by any member of the community who wants harvest salt. Large ponds are allocated to large families. While the new members of the community are given the ponds that are a bit far from the neighborhood. Take Maras Moray Salineras full day tour to explore these places.

Traveling to Moray and Salineras de Maras can be a rewarding experience for you. If you are looking for Maras Moray Salineras tours then you can check our Maras Moray Salineras tour packages. Book your tour with us today.

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