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Peru is the best country to ride a motorcycle in the world due to diversified landscape, road surface and no speed limits.  It would be hard to find country of such similarities. 

Our goal as a top operator of motorcycle rental in Cusco is to provide everyone with the best motorcycle experience in your life.  

Simple Process of Motorcycle Renting

Let's Go Choose Your Motorcycle

Scooter rental Cusco

Scooter SYM Crox

Most suitable and widely used to discover Cusco. Taiwanese brand, high quality, powerful engines

Yamaha Crypton

Due to its large size wheels, this semiautomatic scooter is a perfect choice to travel jungle

Yamaha XTZ150cc


Great budget friendly motorcycle with injected engine and 5 speed gearbox perfectly suitable for travelling Cusco onroad and offroad

Honda XRE300

Honda XRE300

Very much the same features as the great Yamaha Tenere250. This motorcycle is ideal for shorter riders.

Yamaha TENERE 250cc

This motorcycle is full adventure. It offers road and offroad capabilities, comfortable ride and economical travelling.

Suzuki Vstrom ABS 1000cc

Travelling through Peru? Best motorbike to take you around Peru with high powered engine and comfortable ride

How we differentitate from our competition?


Unlimited Mileage

Feel free to explore as much as you want with your motorcycle rental or car rental with no mileage charges or limits.

full to full fuel policy

Full 2 Full Fuel Policy

Our motorcycles are ready to go for your trip when you rent from us!
Common practice of other operators in Cusco is to give you motorcycle with only 1 liter of fuel. Cusco town can be complicated to get around due to lack of road signs, busy traffic and one way system. The last thing that you want is to look for petrol station.

flexible pricing system

Flexible Pricing System

We want you to enjoy your Cusco motorcycle journey with no pressure of being charged additional day if you are late on return. We have 12 hour daily rate, 24 hour full daily rates, motorcycle lease ( long term discounted rental system)

Long term motorcycle rental peru

Long Term Rental

Keen to travel Peru on motorcycle? We are happy that you want to discover the most for less. As the only motorcycle operator in Peru, we offer Motorcycle lease (long term rental service) at great discounted prices.

Price Match Guarantee

That you won't find a better deal on a motorcycle rental in Cusco. We will beat or match any price for a motorcycle rental.

No Hidden Or Extra Fees

There is no surprises to you when you rent a motorcycle from us. Our conditions are simple to understand with no additional or hidden fees.

European Management Peru

European Management

Majority of our customers are from Europe, America and Canada. We follow European standards so there is no surprises to you during your rental.

Freedom From Worry

Motorcycles have all necessary protection to prevent any stupidly costly scratches or damages.

Free Tolls

We include your tolls for FREE! You won't have to stop at toll booths and fumble for change.

In-House Maintenance Staff

We purchase all of our vehicles new and have a fully-trained in-house mechanical staff that works hard to keep them that way with a proactive maintenance schedule focused on safety and reliability. You won't find this anywhere else. Plus, we own all of our vehicles - we don't borrow them from third parties and rent them to you. These are vehicles that we know the history of. That is important!

24-Hour Support

A company with a large rental fleet plus three support trucks to replace your vehicle anywhere in the country should something go wrong and with in-house support staff to make sure you get any help you might need at any time of day.


Our motorcycles are reviewed, sanitized, and inspected by highly qualified mechanics after every rental by our in-house staff. We don't outsource our maintenance.

Luggage storage Cusco

Luggage storage

While travelling and exploring Cusco on motorcycle or by bus, you might be facing issues with storing your luggages for couple nights. We provide luggage storage so you dont need to pay for your hotel in Cusco and spend your money on your trip.

We Sell Experience

Motorcycle Rental FAQ

Where to hire a motorcycle in Cusco?

Cusco has many activities you can choose from and in many ways how to enjoy them. Cusco is a very beautiful place and we strongly recommend you to try motorcycle rental in Cusco.

There are a few shops renting motorcycles right in the center of Cusco but in many instances you are given motorcycle and left with no advice on trips you can take according to your time schedule. We have prepared trips that are easy to moderate and also enjoyable. Our Self guided Cusco motorcycle trips are also published on our youtube channel. .

Do you need an international permit to rent a motorcycle in Cusco?

If you plan on driving in Peru for only 30 days or less, a valid foreign driver’s license is all you’ll need to rent a motorcycle, car, or motor scooter. You should also carry your passport with you at all times, however, so you can prove that you entered Peru legally.
Should you stay for over 30 days , you will need international driving permit.

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle in Cusco?

Cusco is generally very safe place with low crime towards tourists. In terms of road safety in Cusco, it is a different story. Drivers seem not to know the road rules, consequently traffic just becomes chaotic. Police officers barely penalize drivers as they seem not to know the road rules either. Being born and raised in the Czech Republic, 12 years in Australia I would be worried to ride a motorcycle in Sydney due to the fact that many Australians know road rules but spend time on the phone while driving. You dont see that here in Cusco. It is a chaos but 
as long as you are patient, willing to respect the chaos and willing to forget rules from your country you will be fine riding through Cusco.

Speed limits in Peru?

Peru has speed limits that are barely enforced. Since i started riding motorcycle Suzuki Vstrom 1000cc i have never been stopped by police for speeding this includes overtaking police at 120km/h, speeding 180km/h at 80km/h zone. You barely see road sign with speed limits on the road. 

Why Cusco/Peru is the best country for motorcycle riding?

It is an adventure every minute you are riding motorcycle. You never know what is going to happen due to the diversity of landscape, substantial changes in altitudes, weather conditions, road surface that changes all of sudden from asphalt road to gravel and mud. People are very friendly selling their own homemade drinks (Chicha Morada) and food such as boiled corn with cheese (Choclo con qeso) and for meat lovers the very popular Chicharron.  

Speed limits are barely enforced so you dont need to worry about being pulled over.

Cusco offers the freedom on motorcycle, the Andean twisty roads, the tropical jungle that is only 5 hours away from Cusco. 

We are very happy to assist you with any questions and help you to experience this most beautiful adventure riding trip in your life. Contact me on whatsapp  +51 968 731 451 or

I wish you all the best and hopefully hear from you soon Ales Cervenka


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