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We offer long-term motorcycle rentals in Peru.

Motorcycle Lease - Long Term Rental Cusco

Peru is the best country to ride a motorcycle in the world due to diversified landscape, road surface and no speed limits.  It would be hard to find country of such similarities. 

We know that some of you would like to travel Peru on motorcycle for longer period of time. We offer as the only company in Peru service called Motorcycle Lease which is just the same as long term motorcycle rental. Motorcycle lease starts from 2 weeks up to 2 months. Our range of motorcycles for lease are Scooters 150cc, Sym NHT 200cc and Suzuki Vstrom 1000cc   

Lease Motorcycle For Your Peru Holiday

Scooter rental Cusco

Scooter Sym 125cc

14 days: 910 soles + 3200 (Deposit)

1 Month: 1800 soles + 2650 (Deposit)

2 Months: 3300 soles + 1600 (Deposit)

Prices in USD are adjusted to the current spot bid rate

Sym NHT200

Sym NHT 200cc

14 days: 1820 soles + 8000 (Deposit)

1 Month: 3375 soles + 6600 (Deposit)

2 Months: 6000 soles + 4000 (Deposit)

Prices in USD are adjusted to the current spot bid rate

Yamaha XTZ150

14 days: 1540 soles + 500USD (Deposit)

1 Month: 3000 soles + 500USD (Deposit)

2 Months: 5400 soles + 500USD (Deposit)

Prices in USD are adjusted to the current spot bid rate

Suzuki Vstrom ABS 1000cc

14 days: 8500 soles + 5000USD (Deposit)

1 Month: 16200 soles + 5000USD (Deposit)

2 Months: 28800 soles + 5000USD (Deposit)

Prices in USD are adjusted to the current spot bid rate

Yamaha Tenere 250

14 days: 2100 soles + 800USD (Deposit)

1 Month: 4200 soles + 800USD (Deposit)

2 Months: 7800 soles + 800USD (Deposit)

Prices in USD are adjusted to the current spot bid rate

Honda XRE300

Honda XRE300

14 days: 2310 soles + 1000USD (Deposit)

1 Month: 4650 soles + 1000USD (Deposit)

2 Months: 8700 soles + 1000USD (Deposit)

Prices in USD are adjusted to the current spot bid rat

Process of Motorcycle Leasing

We Sell Experience

Motorcycle Lease FAQ

What are the benefits of motorcycle lease?

  • We have motorcycle ready and suitable for the Peruvian conditions.
  • You can travel within your lease term as much and as far as you want without any mileage limitation.
  • Should you stay in Cusco while leasing you can store your motorcycle in our workshop in the center of Cusco.
  • Prices are unbeatable when broken down to daily cost.

We provide a motorcycle that is very well maintained and inspected before your departure.

Who owns the motorcycle while is being leased?

Cusco-Activities is the registered owner of the motorcycle. Within the lease, Cusco-Activities will remain the owner. 

What is the responsibility of lessee?

You will be fully responsible for the motorcycle within the lease term acting like it is yours. Should any damage occur, your responsibility is to repair the motorcycle. Damages caused by wear and tear will be responsibility of the lessee. 

What is the responsibility of the lessor?

We will provide you with motorcycle that has been thoroughly inspected and any parts that have indicated significant wear not suitable for next journey are replaced immediately.  

Do you need an international permit to ride a motorcycle in Cusco?

If you plan on driving in Peru for only 30 days or less, a valid foreign driver’s license is all you’ll need to rent a motorcycle, car, or motor scooter. You should also carry your passport with you at all times, however, so you can prove that you entered Peru legally.
Should you stay for over 30 days , you will need international driving permit.

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle in Cusco?

Cusco is generally very safe place with low crime towards tourists. In terms of road safety in Cusco, it is a different story. Drivers seem not to know the road rules, consequently traffic just becomes chaotic. Police officers barely penalize drivers as they seem not to know the road rules either. Being born and raised in the Czech Republic, 12 years in Australia I would be worried to ride a motorcycle in Sydney due to the fact that many Australians know road rules but spend time on the phone while driving. You dont see that here in Cusco. It is a chaos but 
as long as you are patient, willing to respect the chaos and willing to forget rules from your country you will be fine riding through Cusco.

Speed limits in Peru?

Peru has speed limits that are barely enforced. Since i started riding motorcycle Suzuki Vstrom 1000cc i have never been stopped by police for speeding this includes overtaking police at 120km/h, speeding 180km/h at 80km/h zone. You barely see road sign with speed limits on the road. 

Why Cusco/Peru is the best country for motorcycle riding?

It is an adventure every minute you are riding motorcycle. You never know what is going to happen due to the diversity of landscape, substantial changes in altitudes, weather conditions, road surface that changes all of sudden from asphalt road to gravel and mud. People are very friendly selling their own homemade drinks (Chicha Morada) and food such as boiled corn with cheese (Choclo con qeso) and for meat lovers the very popular Chicharron.  

Speed limits are barely enforced so you dont need to worry about being pulled over.

Cusco offers the freedom on motorcycle, the Andean twisty roads, the tropical jungle that is only 5 hours away from Cusco. 

We are very happy to assist you with any questions and help you to experience this most beautiful adventure riding trip in your life. Contact me on whatsapp  +51 968 731 451 or

I wish you all the best and hopefully hear from you soon Ales Cervenka


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