Motorcycle Lessons & Driving Licence

Scooter & Motorcycle lessons

We are providing lessons to anyone who would like to learn how to ride. With a bit of skills you can learn to ride automatic scooter or manual motorcycle within 30 minutes. Our students come with different background of skills. Some students only need refreshment class so they can more familiar with motorcycle before leaving on their own to take one of our self guided tour. If you feel after taking up the lesson on motorcycle that the motorcycle is still too much for you we strongly recommend you to use scooter. It is automatic and very easy to ride. Lessons are fun and very comprehensive. In a span of 1 hour you will learn all those basics including tips & tricks on how to corner motorcycle, applying brakes and using clutch the most effective way. Lessons are tought only in english and need to be booked in advance. 

Driving Licence

We also offer issuance of Peruvian drivers licence for motorcycle. The time frame of issuing your licence is up to 1 week. You will need to present your passport. Please check with your home country officials if you could use or convert your licence from Peruvian to your local. 

Licence might be beneficial to those who would like to obtain a motorcycle licence and use it or covert it in their home country or should you want to extend your stay in Peru and keep using motorcycle.