PERU Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle tour Peru
Peru motorcycle tour from Cusco to Huacachina, exploring the captivating destinations of Nazca Lines, Paracas, Huaraz, and Canyon del Pato. This unforgettable journey will take you through diverse landscapes, ancient wonders, and stunning natural beauty. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Starting from Cusco, the heart of the Inca Empire, you’ll ride through the majestic Andes, passing through quaint villages, high mountain passes, and breathtaking valleys. Marvel at the awe-inspiring scenery as you make your way towards the enigmatic Nazca Lines. These ancient geoglyphs etched into the desert floor will leave you in awe of their mysterious origins and intricate designs. From Nazca, your motorcycle tour continues to the coastal paradise of Paracas. Ride along scenic coastal roads, feeling the refreshing ocean breeze as you approach the stunning Paracas National Reserve. Discover the diverse marine life and vibrant bird species that call this region home. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a boat tour to the Ballestas Islands, known as the “mini Galapagos,” and witness an abundance of wildlife in their natural habitat. Leaving the coast behind, you’ll head towards Huaraz, a gateway to the breathtaking Cordillera Blanca mountain range. Prepare to be amazed by towering snow-capped peaks, turquoise glacial lakes, and lush valleys. Huaraz offers a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for hiking, trekking, and exploring the natural wonders of the region. Next on your motorcycle adventure is Canyon del Pato, that is considered to be motorcyclists paradise. Throughout your motorcycle tour, our experienced guides will lead the way, ensuring your safety and sharing their extensive knowledge of the region. They will take you off the beaten path, introducing you to hidden gems and cultural highlights that make this journey truly unique. At Cusco-Activities, we specialize in crafting customized motorcycle tours that cater to your preferences and interests. We provide well-maintained motorcycles, top-quality safety gear, and meticulously planned itineraries, allowing you to focus on the adventure while we take care of the logistics. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Peru’s most remarkable destinations on the back of a motorcycle. Book your Cusco to Huacachina, Nazca Lines, Paracas, Huaraz, and Colca Canyon motorcycle tour with us today and get ready for an extraordinary adventure that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Step By Step

Day 1 – Cusco to Chalhuanca. Your journey starts from Cusco at 8am. First destination is to get to Chalhuanca which is about 6 hours ride. The ride is very beautiful as you will be able to spot snow capped mountain and riding through a beautiful canon with warm temperatures. Just before reaching Abancay, you will be going though the mountains so please keep yourself warm. Chalhuanca is a very small town with friendly people. Accomodation is at a hotel with garage for motorcycle located directly at the center of Chalhuanca. Accomodation is about 60 soles double bed with warm shower. 

Distance: 310km  Riding Time: 6 hours  Road Surface: Asphalt

Day2 –  Chalhuanca to Nazca. Leaving Chalhuanca to Nazca is beautiful ride but a bit different to the Day1. From Chalhuanca you will be climbing to the top of the Andes Mountains through switchbacks and riding the top for couple hours. The climate is a bit cooler and windy but very enjoyable otherwise. Roads have long stretches and you may observe Alpacas along the road. On a sunny day it is a perfect place to be as there is not many cars and you will feel like that THE WORLD IS YOURS. 

Just 1 hour before NAZCAS you will start descending down. The landscape starts to change into desert with beautiful warmer temperatures. Accomodation in NAZCAS is also very affordable and hotels provide garage for motorcycle. 

Distance: 342km Riding Time: 6 1/2 hours Road Surface: Asphalt

Day3 – Nazca to Paracas. Your goal is to get to Paracas. You will be heading to Huacachina Oasis which is about 150km away ( 2 1/2 hours ride) riding through the desert with beautiful 5 km long straight stretches where you can blast with motorcycle. Along this road you will spot famous Nazca lines, so please take a break and go and see.

Huacachina Oasis, is your next stop. Here you can take a walk around the oasis and you may try to book your tour to the dunes. The tour takes about 2 hours and costs estimated 60 soles. 

Having finished you tour in Huacachina, head to Paracas where youu will be staying 2 nights. 

Distance: 225km Riding Time: 4 hours Road Surface: Asphalt

Day4&5 – Paracas is very touristic place with a nice vibe of a beach resort, clean sand beaches and great ocean food. There are many tours to choose from and highly recommended is a boat tour Ballestas Islands and drive with motorcycle to the Paracas National Reserve. 

Riding Time: As much as you want  Surface: Asphalt and Hard Sand

Day6 – Paracas to Barranca. Going to Barranca which is another beach resort town. It is a great stop after a long ride. Getting through Lima can take 2 hours as there is a lot of traffic. It is not so difficult as you will be riding only on panamerican highway. Is it safe through Lima? I did not feel less safe then anywhere else in Peru as long as you stay on the main highway. Driving in the same lane will do the trick and no one pushes you out.  Drivers are more respectful then in Cusco. All you need to do is to be patient and cautious. 

Out of Lima you will be riding on Pan American highway surrounded by the sand dunes. Roads are top class very well built and only be careful for the sand on the road. From 95% it is clear but at some spot you might have patches of sand and this can be dangerous in high speed on motorcycle. There are along the way little side road that will take you to the beach if you want to have a break. 

Distance: 450km Riding Time: 7 hours  Road Surface: Asphalt

Day7 – Barranca to Caraz. Getting to a small town called Caraz is a very nice diversified ride. From Barranaca you will be climbing up the mountain to an altitude of 4000 meters above the sea level. It will get cooler here again but after 1 hour ride you will start going down to the valley riding through the down of Huaraz, Yungay and Caraz. Near the main square of Caraz there is a beautiful hotel with an option of storing the motorcycle inside. 

Distance: 286km Riding Time: 286km Road Surface: Asphalt and Gravel 

Day8&9 – These 2 days are free and you can go and visit Huascaran National Reserve by motorcycle. The travel distance to the lagoons is about 1 hour away riding mainly on gravel. These reserve is so beautiful with nice views, snow capped mountains and crystal clear lagoons where you can swim. National reserve also offers camping right by the lagoons and this offers a very unique experience of your trip. 

Suzuki Vstrom Motorcycle tour Peru 

Visiting Canon Del Pato is near Caraz maybe 30 minutes ride. It is a paradise for motorcyclists as you will be riding along a steep cliffs through many tunnels. It is perfectly safe as long as you ride safe.

Day10 Heading back to Lima through Chimbote to Tortuga. You will be riding through Canon Del Pato and this route will be riden in warm climate. Tortuga is a small town sitting 2 km away off the Pan American highway. You can take a boat tour to see turtles. It is a beach town resort with a nice vibe and great ocean food.

Distance: 254km Riding Time: 5hours Road Surface: Asphalt

Day11 – Your goal is to come back along the Pan American highway through Lima to San Bartolo. Here will be our meeting point to collect the motorcycle. You will stay the night here and the following day you can travel to Lima to the airport. San Bartolo is a small beach resort town nearby Lima and perfect place to enjoy your last moments in Peru. 

Optional is continuing the ride back to Cusco which would add another 2-3 days of travel. 

What you will get...

Lets start with motorcycle…

It is Suzuki Vstrom 1000cc. Suzuki has extraordinary equipment starting with tyres MOTOZ GP Tractionator that are designed for travelling the world. Hard sidewalls, long lasting tyre that excells off road and on road. 

Comfort is increased by additional sheepskin seated to the original seat. The advantage is extra cushion for softer ride, keeps you warm while riding in cooler temperatures and protects your skin from burning from hot seat. Additional is a back rest for a pillion rider to maximize your comfy ride.

Clothing and all your equipment is fitted into 2 side bags that are 50 litres of size each, with hooks to be easily removed/attached to the bike and straps to carry them on your back. Additionally there is a plastic 55 litres box at the back of the motorcycle that fits 2 helmets and another backpack can be fitted to the top of the plastic box. 

Suzuki Vstrom

Motorcycle has USB charger, phone holder, tyre repair kit and SOAT insurance (covers rider and pillion only). Any damages to the motorcycle are taken out of deposit

Camping gear…

We can provide you with a small tent for 2 people that is easy to transport on motorcycle including hot water bottles. Other gear such a portable gas stove can be also provided at additional cost. 

Riding equipment…

We provide 2 helmets, gloves and jackets. Jackets are waterproof to the certain level of rain but perfectly suitable for riding Peru keeping you warm in cooler temperatures and cooler in hot temperatures. I always recommend to bring your own riding equipment as our size does not have to fit you.


From start to finish of your tour, I will be always available on phone to help you solve any issues that may occur. Being an European traveller, speaking very little spanish and considering my barriers I find touring Peru on motorcycle very enjoyable and with no problems. You will be perfectly fine as much as i was and you will have my assistance. 

What we need from you...

  • Motorcycle Drivers Licence 
  • Preferably your own motorcycle clothing
  • $7000USD refundaable deposit for motorcycle 

What you need...

  • Sunscreen 
  • Mosquito repellent 
  • Additional estimated 2500 soles to fund your hotels, food, fuel and attractions
  • Camping gear 


From the owner....

PVH tour is designed to be easy to ride, fascinating and affordable. You will see the top highlights of Peru and all in all the tour is a great combination for Motorcycle enthusiasts, adventure travelling and visiting beautiful places of Peru. 

It is the most affordable Peru motorcycle tour suitable for couples looking for the PERFECT MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE Holiday . 

Watch my video about our PVH Tour

Motorcycle Rental FAQ

Where to hire a motorcycle in Cusco?

Cusco has many activities you can choose from and in many ways how to enjoy them. Cusco is a very beautiful place and we strongly recommend you to try motorcycle rental in Cusco.

There are a few shops renting motorcycles right in the center of Cusco but in many instances you are given motorcycle and left with no advice on trips you can take according to your time schedule. We have prepared trips that are easy to moderate and also enjoyable. Our Self guided Cusco motorcycle trips are also published on our youtube channel. .

Do you need an international permit to rent a motorcycle in Cusco?

If you plan on driving in Peru for only 30 days or less, a valid foreign driver’s license is all you’ll need to rent a motorcycle, car, or motor scooter. You should also carry your passport with you at all times, however, so you can prove that you entered Peru legally.
Should you stay for over 30 days , you will need international driving permit.

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle in Cusco?

Cusco is generally very safe place with low crime towards tourists. In terms of road safety in Cusco, it is a different story. Drivers seem not to know the road rules, consequently traffic just becomes chaotic. Police officers barely penalize drivers as they seem not to know the road rules either. Being born and raised in the Czech Republic, 12 years in Australia I would be worried to ride a motorcycle in Sydney due to the fact that many Australians know road rules but spend time on the phone while driving. You dont see that here in Cusco. It is a chaos but 
as long as you are patient, willing to respect the chaos and willing to forget rules from your country you will be fine riding through Cusco.

Speed limits in Peru?

Peru has speed limits that are barely enforced. Since i started riding motorcycle Suzuki Vstrom 1000cc i have never been stopped by police for speeding this includes overtaking police at 120km/h, speeding 180km/h at 80km/h zone. You barely see road sign with speed limits on the road. 

Why Cusco/Peru is the best country for motorcycle riding?

It is an adventure every minute you are riding motorcycle. You never know what is going to happen due to the diversity of landscape, substantial changes in altitudes, weather conditions, road surface that changes all of sudden from asphalt road to gravel and mud. People are very friendly selling their own homemade drinks (Chicha Morada) and food such as boiled corn with cheese (Choclo con qeso) and for meat lovers the very popular Chicharron.  

Speed limits are barely enforced so you dont need to worry about being pulled over.

Cusco offers the freedom on motorcycle, the Andean twisty roads, the tropical jungle that is only 5 hours away from Cusco. 

We are very happy to assist you with any questions and help you to experience this most beautiful adventure riding trip in your life. Contact me on whatsapp  +51 968 731 451 or

I wish you all the best and hopefully hear from you soon Ales Cervenka


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